We all have seen Boxing Day and big mid-year sales, but there are some countries where shopping frenzy never ends. People in these areas are so serious about shopping that they stage shopping festivals throughout the year.

If you are keen to know about these shopping festivals, just continue reading the article.

The Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai shopping festival is one of the most popular events, which usually takes place during cooler months. The festivity continues to amaze the shoppers for the whole month. Here, you not only get amazing discounts and sales, but you also get a chance to be a part of numerous entertaining and fulfilled activities.

After continuous shopping for hours, you may need a break. For this purpose, you can indulge yourself in a variety of street parades, fashion shows, light shows, films, cultural displays, fireworks, and live music concerts.

Items you can buy during the Dubai shopping festival include handicrafts, Luxury items, jewelry, carpets, gold, and exotic cars.

The Great Singapore Sale

The Great Singapore Sale is your ultimate chance to save up to 70% on a wide range of brands. So get yourself ready to battle against the flooding crowds during this sale season. Apart from local brands, you can save a lot of money while purchasing discounted international brands.

The products under sale include electronics, luxury items, watches, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and clothes. This sale is the biggest and most popular shopping event in Asia. The event also offers prize giveaways.

Besides, shopping, you can also enjoy late night music concerts to make your shopping experience more memorable.

Outlet Shopping Festival in the USA

This nationwide event isn’t too big, yet it gives everything that the shoppers have dreamed of in their life. The basic purpose of this festival is to promote the USA’s outlet malls. The event usually took place during the Columbus Day long weekend.

With a view to maximize your shopping opportunities, make sure to start your quest at Pennsylvania and Florida. These two places offer some serious bargains, which are simply irresistible. This festival gives you a chance to buy popular brands at reasonably low rates.

Istanbul Shopping Festival in Turkey

This extravagant shopping festival involves 90 shopping centers, which continue to trade 24 hours a day for not less than three weeks. Besides these centers, you can also head to some other lucrative shopping destinations like Grand Bazaar, Sapphire Bazaar, and Egyptian Spice Market.

With a view to give a relaxing break to shopaholics, there are concerts, parties, fashion shows, and live performances. If so much is there for you, it is not possible to give a second thought when planning to visit this festival.

Cannes Shopping Festival in France

Everyone is familiar with the Cannes Film festival, but most of the people are not aware of the fact that there is also a Cannes Shopping Festival. Just like the film festival, this shopping event is also glamorous.

During this shopping festival, top-rated designers display their latest and trendy fashion designs. However, the chances of making a bargained purchase are relatively low. Even though, there are plenty of options, which are bound to fit your budget