It is everyone’s dream to visit one of the best shopping malls in the world. This list of shopping Centers will be represented by its floor area. There are a great number of shopping centers all around the world containing different types of are areas to it. The largest shopping malls in the world are mostly available in Asia because of cheap labor in Asia.

Siam Paragon

The Siam Paragon mall is about 3.2 m square feet. It is one of the biggest shopping malls in Thailand located in Bangkok. It contains different types of shops, restaurants and may movie theaters. For the publicity, it has an aquarium, art gallery, and an orchestra.

Berjaya Times Square

The Berjaya is located in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur and is about 3.4 m square feet. The floor of Berjaya Times Square is about 7 million square feet which make it the world’s fifth largest building. The shopping mall is home to entertainment and contains about a thousand stores and more than 60 food outlets.

Istanbul Cevahir

The Shopping mall of Istanbul Cevahir is on the floor area of 3.4 m square feet in Istanbul, Turkey, European area.  This shopping mall is the biggest in Europe. There are more three hundred stores, thirty food outlets and more than ten cinemas or movie theaters.


SM Megamall

SM Megamall is constructed in the Philippines of 3.6 m square feet in 1991. The place is visited every day more than eight hundred thousand people and has a place for about 4 million people. The Mall is divided between two areas containing foot area, kids play, theater area, and a bowling ball area.  The mall is still under construction and is being invested by a businessman and has a bright future for the Philippines.

West Edmonton Mall

The West Edmonton Mall is located in Canada. It is about 3.8 m square feet and was built in 1981. It was considered one of its largest in its times. There are about more than eight hundred stores in the mall. The largest places to visit there is the amusement park and the Ice palace.

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is about 3.8 m square feet and is a part of Burj Khalifa business, the company that owns the tallest building in the world. The mall contains about 1200 stores, a game center, a joy land and have about more than 10 cinemas and 5 hotels and more than 120 restaurants.

SM Mall of Asia

The SM Mall is about 4.2 m square feet and was built in 2006 in the Philippines. It has a trolley which helps people to go where ever they want to go into the mall. The mall contains one of the largest theaters of the world IMAX which play a great part in rendering 3D objects.

Central World

The Central World Mall of Thailand is located in Bangkok of 4.62 m square feet are and was constructed in 1990. It originally occurred as the normal class people of Thailand. The Mall was once greatly invested but was set up on fire by some protestors which caused some great damage to the mall.